Burraneer Rugby Club participate in a Mini’s competition conducted in the Sutherland and St George areas. The games are usually played early on Saturday mornings and sometimes on Friday nights according to the draw.

Minis U6 – U9

Welcome to Burraneer Mini’s Program!! Burraneer Rugby Club participate in a Mini’s competition conducted in the Sutherland and St George areas. The games are usually played early on Saturday mornings and sometimes on Friday nights according to the draw. At the end of the season all the clubs participate in a Mini’s Gala Day as opposed to finals and Grand Finals.

Burraneer field teams in the Minis from U/6 to U9. Players from U/10 and upward move to a modified Junior game continuing the pathway to U/12 and onward.  The following ARU Mini’s Rules and Pathway information is adhered and adopted by Burraneer Rugby Club. Information can be found on the ARU hyperlink below.

This information should be read and understood by all parents. There are also coaching resources and Kids Pathway Laws for up and coming coaches and managers. The emphasis is on fun, safety, participation and good sportsmanship.

burraneer game table

At Burraneer we encourage participation and fun over winning and elitism. This sometimes can extend to letting the other team score or having a coach carry a young player to the try line to score their first try. We share players if the other team are short, we don’t really care about knock on’s, offside or forward passes, and the game flows in a spectacular swarm of colour bringing parents and spectators to tears of joy and laughter. In a perfect world, these early games should always end in a draw with all the kids coming off the field with a smile from ear to ear. More importantly, all we should be hearing from spectators is encouragement and adulation. Burraneer Rugby has a strict code of conduct for players, families, coaches, managers and spectators and poor behaviour will not be tolerated from anyone.

Where there are one or more teams in the same age group, a ‘mates play with mates’ policy will apply wherever possible, player numbers permitting and a fair balance of experience or aptitude across all teams. Every attempt is to be made to create an environment of enjoyment and under no circumstances should coaches and managers encourage graded elitism.


The Australian Rugby Unions new Kids Pathway tackles any concerns a parent can have about the game that forges a lifelong passion for involvement at all levels on and off the field unions.

For starters, there’s no tackling for ages under 6 & 7 years, and winning comes a distant third to having fun and making new friends. So it doesn’t matter whether they’re big or small, boy or girl, any child can stand tall and have a ball.

Rugby Union is a fun and exciting way for young children to learn valuable life skills such as leadership, team work, courage, sportsmanship and friendship in a safe environment.

The Australian Rugby Union (ARU) TryRugby program introduces new players to the game through a series of age-specific modified rugby games in a controlled environment. Safety is the priority as the laws and level of contact are gradually introduced while players develop.


Each game-style of the U6 to U12 TryRugby Kids Pathway has a developmental skills focus which takes into account the chronological age of the child and their capacity for safe and achievable rugby skill acquisition. The key aims being to:

Keep it simple, free flowing and enjoyable.
Let the players develop skills with safety.
Discourage any dangerous actions or unsafe practice.
Adopt an educative, positive reinforcement approach.
Ensure that players receive an equal chance to participate regardless of ability.
For further information please speak with the Mini’s Coordinator, Kate Newman (Email:

This is what sport and in particular rugby is all about!

The club also follows the “Working With Children” (the old “Child Protection”) policies and procedures which requires all non-parents working with a junior team to be registered.  Ash Goldsborough will be working towards ensuring all parents or other people that are required to be registered are registered

In addition to this website, we also post information and photos on the club Facebook page from time to time.  We have found this to be hugely popular with families and has helped our club expand its marketing and communications to a broader audience.  However, we are also mindful of family’s entitlement to privacy and value concerns from any parents of their children’s photos appearing on Facebook against parent’s wishes.  The same goes for any adults that may be employed in positions requiring a high degree of privacy.  So, please contact the club if you have any strong concerns re photos appearing on this website or on Facebook or other media.  We will then endeavour to take appropriate action.

Burraneer Rugby Club provides the perfect opportunity for you to introduce your family to the benefit’s of an organised sporting and social environment for your children and their friends, aged 6 – 9 year’s old.

As the photo’s on this website show, our 6 – 9 year old’s players, both boy’s and girl’s, are nurtured by trained coaches, in a fun, non competitive, learning environment whereby the development of the child’s social, physical and emotive skill’s are paramount.

It is all about the kid’s!

Minis Co-ordinator

Kate Newman | 0435 945 246